PAULA ‘Just keep grinning, and they’ll go away eventually’ OLIVEIRA UPDATE!

typed for your pleasure on 6 May 2005, at 3.23 pm

Sdtrk: some, uh, rave music?

Just got the latest newsletter from the lovely and entertaining maniacs at, which reads:

* EXPRESSIONLESS GIRL – last week we linked to
a series of photos of a young lady whose
expression never changed. Many of you were
disappointed as the site went down shortly
afterwards. Thanks to B3ta reader markta
who grabbed the pics and stuck them into a
video loop which really makes the point
about how bloody odd these images really

The music’s shite (and it’s loud, too), but it’s well worth reliving the spectacle. Man o man.
O Paula. I just want to place you in a chair outside my door, to scare away everyone. Happy 15th birthday!

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2 have spoken to “PAULA ‘Just keep grinning, and they’ll go away eventually’ OLIVEIRA UPDATE!”

  1. Perry writes:

    Botox is a beautiful thing….

  2. Davecat writes:

    Ain’t no party like a Botox party, cos a Botox party just don’t stop!

    Unless we’re referring to facial musculature; then yes, a Botox party does indeed ‘stop’.

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