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typed for your pleasure on 21 April 2005, at 1.19 am

Sdtrk: ‘Winter (studio outtake)’ by the Cure

Heh; today, for my Windows XP productivity class, we all had to do our PowerPoint presentations as part of our final.. whatever it was. I estimate that I spent 12 – 16 drawn-out hours developing my presentation, and what’s more I had to do it in the lab, as none of the computers here have PowerPoint. (Or Access, or Excel, but I do have Word, as that would be something I use in ‘real’ life.) There seemed to be an underlying theme — most of the women did more personal or human-related topics, i.e, the life cycle of the monarch butterfly, a nephew, a cruise, natural wonders of the world, post-partum depression. Whereas the blokes mostly did stuff that most blokes would go on about, i.e, motorcycles, wakeboarding, Mercedes-Benz cars, Chrysler cars, etc. The topic I picked was the history of the Mini Cooper, so I guess I slotted neatly into the latter category. I was the last to go, and I probably blazed my way through it faster than I would’ve liked (each student had five minutes), but I’d like to think I did rather well, especially compared to a lot of the other speakers.. I can say this: a lot of spellchecker buttons went unclicked, wherever these people assembled their projects. For fuck’s sake, people.
I’d also like to think I gave myself a wee bit of a boost by printing up several copies of a papercraft Mini, and passing one out to each student and the teacher. That was my ‘secret extra credit weapon’. 😉

You’ll forgive me if I don’t really discuss my school experiences on ‘Shouting etc etc’; despite my current drive to get my other 14 courses over and done with, academia and I are still rather estranged. I view school as a necessary evil, a means to an end. I really don’t like being there, and I highly doubt there’ll be a day when I don’t feel like an impostor whenever I walk up and down the corridors of my campus.

On Tuesday, I got to hang out with Marika, a friend of mine that I’ve not seen in a long time. We only got to convene for an hour before I had to get round to the lab — we stopped round to Quizno’s for lunch — but it was really great seeing her. I hadn’t physically seen her in over a year, and we hadn’t been able to get hold of each other until February of this year. She’d moved in with some furfucker for a while *shudders*, then she met a bloke and moved in with him, then she lost her job, and moved back in with her mum, and had her cellphone switched off. Now she’s got a job, and a new phone, and we’re back in business, as it were. She’d been wanting to reach me for a while, as back in early February, Derek said she’d stopped round to his house out of the blue, and wanted to know my phone number. Which was bizarre, cos I had attempted to contact her, and her old cellphone number was obsolete. So a couple of weeks after that, she called me from her folks’ house, but her mum didn’t want all sorts of calls at all hours of the eve, so Mari merely waited until she could afford a new cell. And that brings up to now.
Why is it ace, really, that Mari and I are speaking again? Mainly it’s cos back in the days when the Slag was living with me at No.23 Deafening silence, she accused Mari for doing something that was undoubtedly not her doing at all, and I, having no reason to suspect that the Slag was lying/just plain fucking delusional, went along with it, and informed Mari that when we bought our house, she wasn’t to set foot in it ever. Cue lots of crying and screaming. I think it goes without saying that it was a horrible day, and despite the fact that Mari forgives me for, well, thinking with my cock, I still feel guilty about being suckered to the point where I cut off our friendship.

So like I said, it’s nice to have Mari back. After Monti, she was my second female friend to learn about Shi-chan and RealDolls in general, and not only was she happy to appear with Sweetie & I when the French came round to film, but she’s open-minded enough to think that sort of thing is really ace. (She has been designated Shi-chan’s Organik sister.)
Plus, her height makes me feel taller than I actually am, and that’s always nice 😉

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  1. PBShelley writes:

    It’s splendid you’ve been able to reestablish contact with your lost galpal 🙂
    I’ve lost mine over the years and miss them (pretty much, occasionally LOL). Kept running into probs with THEIR boyfriends’ jealousy issues :-/

    Sounds like your classmate studying the Monarch butterflies would be right up my alley 😉
    Actually, the first chapter of Lily’s book deals with just that (they are near the Monarch Butterfly Tree in San Luis Obispo). Lily even drives a Mercury Monarch LOL

    Anyway, fun story, glad ya hooked back up 🙂

    PBS & Lily

  2. Davecat writes:

    Glad you dug the post, PBS. 🙂 Yeah, it was very nice to see Mari again. Unfortunately, her work schedule means that we can’t hang out on Sat eve like we used to, but I’m sure we’ll figure something out..

    And that classmate with the butterfly PowerPoint presentation mentioned she had two pet butterflies of her own. (?) After she was done with her show, I facetiously asked her if it was true that butterflies sucked human blood. She didn’t laugh as much as I thought she would. *shrugs*

    Speaking of Lily’s book, GET BACK TO EDITING! 🙂

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