Now with 50% less coherency (by weight, not volume)

typed for your pleasure on 11 April 2005, at 2.31 am

Sdtrk: ‘A watery death’ by Michael Nyman

Felt the need to post, for better or for worse. Instead of typing this lot out, I could be replying to Emails, or even getting back to the Doll Forum, which I’ve not been in for the past two weeks. What the hell am I doing??

+ Nice new interview with Scary go round‘s John Allison o’er at Thunder Chunky (Wasn’t Thunder Chunky a female wrestler from the 70s?)

+ Anyone who buys me a Nixie clock, or builds one to spec for me, will have me as a sex slave for a year. I recently learned what a Nixie clock is — they’re vacuum-tube-based clocks that were created before LEDs got a technological foothold — and after having seen some pictures, all I can say is that they’re beyond ace. I’m certain you’ll agree!
Hrrm. Should’ve saved that for a ‘This was the Future’ article..

+ Right, bollocks to the Nixie clock. Someone get one of those Actroid Gynoids from the Robot Expo curently taking place in Aichi, Japan. She’s so damn cute!

+ Jeff & I caught the Korean thriller ‘Oldboy‘ down at the Main art theatre this Friday past, as the two reviews I’d read showed it in an appealing light, but I’ll tell ya; the first hour, I was like, ‘I’m totally buying this on DVD when I get home,’ whereas the second hour I was like, ‘Errr — what??’
A drunken womanising salaryman spends his daughter’s birthday in jail overnight. When he gets released, he’s kidnapped and locked into a hotel room for 15 years. Then, he’s released from there, having been told that he’s been framed for his wife’s murder, and he has five days to find out who did it and why. I can’t really get into detail why the film let me down in the end, cos my explanation would be spoilerrific, but I’ll just say that if you can see it for free, do so. It looks beautiful, the couple of action sequences were feckin’ fantastic, and the story was compelling, but the resolution was really frustrating, plus it ran a bit too long towards the end. Like I said, see it for free. Then go out and buy a claw hammer and a squid

+ Go read the best thread ever: this is from some poker players’ forum, in the off-topic section, and it asks, ‘How many 5 year-olds could you take on at once?‘ Not only is it the Textbook Definition of Funny, but it’s an entirely valid question

School is winding down, and I have to do one rather involved final thing for each class, which possibly explains my lack of focussed writing. Or focussed anything, really, as far as these past two weeks have been. Have I mentioned that I’ll be ridiculously ecstatic once I finish school? Not in the past five minutes, you say? Well then.
Right, I’m off to answer some Emails. Or hop back on the Forum. I’ll just flip a fecking coin

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3 have spoken to “Now with 50% less coherency (by weight, not volume)”

  1. quaisi writes:

    I got a picture of actroid woman when I went to the Expo. I`ll put it up for you when I have more computer time 🙂

  2. es writes:

    hey! one a’ the funky retro numeric display thingies in the ending/launch sequence of “honneamise” is obviously informed by this sweet frickin’ obscurity…

  3. Davecat writes:

    Simon –
    Doumo, sir! Actroid-chan makes me feel all warm and squishy inside. But I’m sure you’ve already sussed that. 😉

    es –
    Damn straight. 🙂 Isn’t it funny how like, what, two seconds of cel animation gets burned into a person’s brain so easily? I don’t know about you, but I’m sure I’ve encountered Nixie clocks before, but ‘Honneamise’ really brought them to my attention..

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