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Sdtrk: ‘Too late’ by New order

It’s a linkdump! Rinkudampu dessho! You may now commence your furious right-clicking.

+ This is so cute it gave me cavities: Snake ‘befriends’ snack hamster. Cue Bill Murray from ‘Ghostbusters’, shouting ‘Dogs and cats, living together..’

+ Transform your blog into a tree-killin’ print book, through BlogBinders. Are you thinking what I’m thinking? Yeah, you’re thinking this post alone wouldn’t translate to print well, either? Yeah. Hrrm

+ Polish film posters have always brought bold new meaning to the term ‘singularly unsettling‘. (Although I’d proudly display the ‘Rosemary’s Baby‘ one on my wall..) A casual observer seeing these would almost get the impression that Poland is a land that has never known joy. Still, they’re worth a look

+ A transcript of a radio interview from 2002 with Gaby Wood, the author of ‘Edison’s Eve’, a fab book about the history of automata. The interview is like a Cliffs Notes version of the book, somewhat

+ I want this feckin’ house so hard.

I would’ve written an instalment of ‘This was the Future’ around it, but there’s practically no facts on it, save that apparently it’s a house you can rent as a set if you’re shooting a film. Well, if that’s the case, then call me Kubrick

Most of these links, except for the snake / hamster one and the Gaby Wood interview, are courtesy of a lovely blog I’ve run across that’s densely packed with links, called ‘I like‘, which appeals to the esoteric in me, and quite frankly, is the worst timewaster since heroin.

And that appears to be it! Five consecutive days, five consecutive posts. I don’t see that sort of confluence happening again anytime soon, so this is truly a Christmas Miracle

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13 have spoken to “Enlinkificationismé”

  1. zszsz writes:

    YOU have the rosemary poster?

    how/when did THAT come about? :]

    i’m tellin’ ya’: you & windsor (colleen from pace) really ARE flippin’ soul siblings . . .


    the poster links won’t open though . . .

  2. Davecat writes:

    szszszszszszszszszszs –
    Links are back up! I guess it was a hiccup on their server. Shrug!

    And I don’t actually have the ‘Rosemary’s baby’ poster, I merely wish I did..

    And Colleen’s last name is Windsor?? I don’t remember that! Weird to think we’re linked on some quasi-mystical level in that fashion. *waves hands about*
    So if I’m like Colleen, does that mean you’re like Melissa?

    *runs away*

  3. zszsz writes:

    on merely coveting said poster:

    oh . . . stil . . .

    on ‘windsor’:

    no that’s her “real name” . . .

    and here’s an amusing/embarrassing admission:

    we’ve many times referred to one or both of you as windsorgone . . .


    dolls/electrical tape/mannequins/her murphy to your boyd?/her Bauhaus to your death in june . . .

    but there’ve been so many more such parallels despite differences so vast that the connections SHOULD be well impossible . . .

    oh weird meta-connect:

    uh-huh fer’ sure . . .

    on ‘then (am i) melissa’:

    yes, but not so much in terms of ‘out-going’ stuff, more in terms of having the singular soul of a tiny battered birdy stuff . . . albeit my share’s stuck behind an intermittently loud-ass’d exterior . . . her’s behind a more feminine manifestation of total lack of self-confidence . . . one that’s settled asopto manic . . .

    :[ ? :] ?

    blah, blah . . .

    back to the links!

  4. SafeTinspector writes:

    Linkin’ is a time waster to be certain.

    So…no one lives there? Rental only? For films?

    Are you thinking porno like I’m thinking porno?

    ’cause I’m thinkin’ porno.

  5. Davecat writes:

    sz –
    ‘Windsorgone’, eh? Ha! Clever. 🙂 But when you draw up the comparisons between me & her — at least with the stuff we’re respectively obsessed with — you’ve got a valid point..
    And you could argue that you and Melle Mel are similar in the artistic-minded aspect of stuff as well — I keep thinking of that scrapbook-with-the-harmful-sparkly-dust that she showed off last time I’d stopped round, for instance. But yeah, not so much outward appearance, but rather the mindset.. You’re both artistically-minded introverts, but you seem more inclined to effect change in others. Perhaps Mel’s like that now, I’ve no idea..

    Porno? Not with those giant picture windows, mate…

  6. SafeTinspector writes:

    DC:I’ve seen enough movies to know that a little thing like picture windows ain’t enough to dissuade the enterprising flesh peddlers among us from plying their trade.

  7. zszsz writes:

    dk . . .

    : ]

    i must admit i’ve overcome my aversions to sparkles & rainbows if not musicals . . .

    & em’s gone-gettin’ a wee bit tougher-er/effectual . . .

    though i can’t claim much pride in MY social dealings . . . :[

    “The perfect fusion of Brevity and Verbosity”:

    i’m flattered? sorry . . . : ]

    “simply fuss free” made me giggle-snort . . . was/is that a ref?

    p.s. . . . would you not prefer the house reupholstered in black/gray with self-leveling epoxy nuke-plant flooring surrounded by well raked & preened gravel?

    maybe mono-polychromed (?!) bronzed belmers replacing the noguchis that might’ve replaced the kasan (artificial mountains) . . .

    opps/oops . . . brevity!!!

  8. Davecat writes:

    sszz –
    Social dealings? Really, you’re not missing much..

    ‘Simply Fuss Free!’ would be a phrase from the inside disk tray of Pulp’s brilliant ‘Different Class’ release. Pulp are fine people, fine people.

    And I’d thought about restyling that Modernist house — yeah, I’d definitely kit it out with a hell of a lot more black and grey, but I’d leave the walls white. With as much light that would be coming in through that bank of windows, and bouncing off the white walls, it would be absolutely perfect for photoshoots of the Missus. Not to say that I wouldn’t invest in vertical blinds or big thick curtains, though. Too much exposure to that star would certainly kill me..

    And Bellmer sculptures in the front lawn, eh? Your ideas intrigue me, and I wish to subscribe to your newsletter. 🙂

  9. zszsz writes:

    :] x 3 . . .

    love, zzsssszszszssszzzzsszszs?

  10. SafeTinspector writes:

    I once knew a string named ‘xyzzy’ but it simply elicited sepulchral utterings of ‘cretin’.

  11. zszsz writes:

    i was wondering if i should bother apologizing for not getting the “boning” comment (following the previous post) as it popped into my head-screaming-obvious later . . .

    but now i’m confused by safeT all over again . . . : | . . . string theory, what?

    i used to dedicatedly write all my Zs as reversed Ss . . . zszsz in said ‘font’ thus produces several little heart shapes . . . get of my back . . . zzssszszzzzsszsszy . . . : ]

    sorry, i’m blabbing like this is MY blog again . . .

  12. Davecat writes:

    O, don’t mind SafeT; he talks/writes like that all of the time. 99% of the time it’s incomprehensibly quaint, and the other 1%, it’s quaintly incomprehensible!

    I remember the heady ‘sz’ writin’ days! I also remember that, err.. thing. I guess maybe I don’t remember it after all. Hrrm. It was something to do with spirals..

    And you should fire up a blog of your own! Everyone’s doing it! It’s the In Thing for the Cool Kids!
    Which doesn’t explain why I’m doing it, but nevertheless..

  13. zszsz writes:

    spiral? yeah, i’m SURE there’s some spiral thing or something, no doubt at all . . .

    but still i wonder what you mighta’ been not remembering, it might be yet another thing i gotta’ remember & still not do along with the rest . . .


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