This will make sense to exactly one other person

typed for your pleasure on 15 August 2004, at 8.15 pm

*dial dial*
*ring ring ring*
SOME GUY: ‘Hello?’
ME: ‘Ah, hi! Is Denise Garner there?’
SOME GUY: ‘Sorry, Denise no longer lives here.’
ME: ‘O! Ahh.. sorry to have bothered you.’
SOME GUY: ‘Alright.’
ME: ‘Bye.’

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2 have spoken to “This will make sense to exactly one other person”

  1. MontiLee writes:

    See what happens when you procrastinate?

  2. Davecat writes:

    Yes, yes; ‘He who hesitates is lost’. Story ov my fucking life, really. :-\

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