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typed for your pleasure on 17 June 2008, at 6.05 pm

Sdtrk: ‘Brazil’ by Foot village

Zip Gun managed to find this, coincidentally whilst watching some episodes of Gundam 00:

My Blast off in style in your new Gundam: is Silver Anguish.

Take Name Your Gundam! today!
Created with Rum and Monkey‘s Name Generator Generator.

Very appropriate, I’d say. And this merely confirms what I’d known all along:

blog readability test

TV Reviews

It’s true! Internet-based tests don’t lie!

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  1. PBShelley writes:

    …let’s see if this works…

    My Blast off in style in your new Gundam: is Sagittarian.Take Name Your Gundam! today!Created with Rum and Monkey‘s Name Generator Generator.

    Hm… doesn’t look like it LOL

    Anyway, it claims my name to be “Sagittarian” which is (a) a funny name for a Gundam, is it not? and (b) false as I am a triple Taurus. (C) since I’m still here: wha? Copy-and-paste doesn’t work anymore? NOW I’m screwed…

    I’ll just be here waiting for technology to catch up with me. Either that or vice versa 😛 More likely that.

  2. Davecat writes:

    Le PBS –
    ‘Sagittarian’, eh? That’s pretty ace, actually! Your Mobile suit would fit right in in the OZ Kingdom in Gundam Wing. Unfortunately, Gundam Wing is crap, so you should try the quiz again. 🙂

    The problem, if you want to call it that, that I have with the quiz is that not every mecha in the Gundam franchise is a Gundam — they’re mobile suits. Every Gundam is a mobile suit, but not every mobile suit is a Gundam, people. What about the Qubeley? Or the Tallgeese? Or the Kämpfer? Or the Asshimar? This is a disservice to decent mobile suits. A DISSERVICE! *slams fist on table*

    Sorry, I’m a Gundam geek. Enjoy your Sagittarian! 🙂

  3. PBShelley writes:

    Oh it’s perfectly fine to be a Gundam Geek! But some tend to be um… a little too geeky O_o

    Yesterday in that Int’l SaiMoe League I’m participating in I made a passing general reference to (something about) Gundam SEED and was corrected that I ought to have just said “Gundam”. *rolls eyes in lieu of absent rollie-eyed smilie*

    I think my response amounted to something like “whatever” only abbreviated into the modern parlance of “w/e” (see rollie eyed ref above) LOL

    The Kampfer looks pretty unique and awesome-looking except for the… y’know, Nazi-ish name. Glad I didn’t get that one, heh. All-in-all, if I AM going to join up with the OZ brigade, I want a Taurus ‘cos that’s what I actually am! Rather than take the quiz again I’ll just pretend that’s what I got 😀

    I do like it when the designers think things through enough to include all the tech specs as in your links. Dunno if you saw Last Exile (superb dogfighting aerial craft and excellent story to boot) but their specs were extremely thorough, especially on the Capital-class ships. Love it! The inner DVD sleeves were covered with stats LOL

    Regards to you and the Missus 😉
    PBS, Lily, & Eden

  4. Laura writes:

    Unfortunately Gundam Wing is crap‘?!?!?
    You just shat on my heart.
    I got Solara. I was hoping for Epion (hmm….not sure about the spelling.)
    And my Moto Q is lacking copy and paste skills. So my comment lacks cool graphics and whatnot.

  5. Davecat writes:

    P to the B to the S and lasses –
    Gah, ‘Last exile’ is one of many, many, things on my enormous List of Things that Need to be Seen (it’s approaching its fifth volume at this point). My friend aneamo has the series on DVD, I just have to borrow it. And, ah, find time to watch it. Er.

    Tech specs are important! It’s all part of continuity! How do Minovsky particles work? Why are the GN Drives used by the Gundam Thrones different from the ones used by the mobile suits of Celestial Being? Is what the Moonlight Butterfly does the reason that the Turn A Gundam was sealed away for centuries? Why did Zeon ultimately lose the One Year War? Artificial Newtypes — good idea or bad idea? Etc. All that stuff adds meat to the premise or storyline, and makes it that much more believable! Well, within reason. 🙂

    And, err… actually, there’s a vast difference between Gundam (aka Original Gundam, or First Gundam) and Gundam SEED. SEED is a updated and revisionist version of the original series, retooled for today’s audiences who would rather eat a polar bear liver than watch old-looking anime from 1979. I could go on. Honestly, I could go on. But (thankfully) I won’t. 🙂 So unfortunately PBS, I really can’t say that person was wrong to point that out. But if you’re new to the franchise, it may obviously take some sorting out… got a week-end to kill? 😉

    Bear-chan –
    I’m sorry! 🙁 You have to understand, with the exception of the Anno Domini timeline (Gundam 00) and the Correct Century timeline (Turn A Gundam), I’m a Universal Century purist! Shows like Zeta Gundam and 0083 that take place in that particular era are the ones that really ‘gripped my shit’, as the kids say. But really, it’s like anything — the series or aspect you first saw will invariably be the one that remains at the top of your list. I started watching Doctor Who when Tom Baker was playing him, so he’ll always be a hard act to follow, although David Tennant is running almost neck-and-neck with him these days. Perhaps if the first Gundam series you saw was Victory Gundam, you might dig that one to the exclusion of all others. It happens!

    But the OZ Mobile suits — everyone agrees they’re pretty ace. They just tend to… explode a lot. 🙂

  6. Laura writes:

    And your assesment would be correct. Wing was the first. My brother’s annoying friend brought it over and I was hooked. The only good thing he’s done…well, he gave my brother the entire Seed series for Christmas too.
    Noin is kick ass. And I would bang Zechs in a alternate animation universe.
    You’re forgiven.
    For now…. 😉

  7. SafeTinspector writes:

    I ran your blog through and it told me that is “junior high”
    Mine says “High School” while my well-nigh-forgotten essays blog ( is listed as “college post-grad”.
    I have a feeling it only looks at the first page it sees, which changes as you post new content.

  8. Davecat writes:

    GENIUS!! GENIUS, I SAY!! That was the first assessment, and as far as I’m concerned, that is the final assessment, now and forever. I could write up every post after this in a horrifying collision of l33t, Tagalog, and Cobol, and it would still qualify as GENIUS.


  9. SafeTinspector writes:

    Do you mean it would still qualify as “fact” or as “genius,” or as some new Orwellian “Genius-fact”?

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