Any Synthetiks-related news, Davecat? (Feb 2008)

typed for your pleasure on 24 February 2008, at 6.34 pm

Sdtrk: ‘Friends of mine’ by the Zombies

Apart from waiting to the last week of the month for something of substance to pop up — and also having had the plague practically every other week — February is yielding kind of a mediocre showing. In fact, part of the reason I waited as long as I did is due to the 3rd Michigan Doll Congress taking place, and were I not sick as a pike, this instalment would’ve been longer thanks to my report on the meeting.
But! You might be interested to know that both Abyss creations and 4woods have a metric ton of new pics of their lovely Synthetik companions available. Most, if not all, of the RealDoll photos were again shot by Stacy Leigh, an Organik lass who certainly knows her way round a Doll or two, so that should be even more of an incentive.

No-one minded that Lisa had her own way of doing push-ups

No-one minded that Sayoko had her own way of sitting in a chair

What d’ye mean, ‘that’s it’?? Seriously, that’s like just under 400 pictures to download! Jesus, what do you people want from me, blood??

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  1. PBShelley writes:

    Wow, that pic of Lisa looks a lot like Eden! (Except E is a Body 7/Face 12, so mostly a lot.)
    Stacy sure does some excellent posing :-O
    Er, I mean, poses her dolls excellently! I’m too much a coward to experiment like that; I’m so afraid of breaking my lovelies. And I suck at repairs as well. But she really brings out the best in them, and makes them look so lifelike.

    Nice to see 4Woods keeping up the pace too. Looks like big things are in store for the doll world!

    PBS & the etcs

  2. Mahtek writes:

    I love those new shots of the body 10! I guess that it’s a 10 for a good reason! It throws a whole new set of variables into the next doll to buy equation.

    And you didn’t miss much at the 3rd Congress. Various plagues and employment pressures reduced the number of attendees to four. CJD, Phoebe, Pennie and myself, with a short appearance by Euchre. The high point was catching the Bianca-True Hollywood Story clip aired during the lead up to the Acadamy Awards. Perhaps one day she will get her own show.

  3. Davecat writes:

    PBS and luscious etcs –
    You suck at repairs? Heh, that’s my line…

    And yeah, our Stacy’s done an exemplary job at bringing the best out of all those gorgeous Synthetik lasses. It goes without saying that being able to take great pics like that requires a certain pro-Doll mindset, but unlike if one of us blokes were in the same situation, she’s able to concentrate on what she’s doing and not get, shall we say, distracted. Damn our Y chromosomes! 🙂

    Mahtek –
    O, I know, all those new shots are ace, but that Body 10 Lisa is *kisses fingertips*
    You remember how much I was drooling over Slade’s Astyn? Waitaminute, we all were drooling over her. Our Dolls were too, if I recall correctly…

    Heh, employment is a plague! 😐 Despite the reduced size, it goes without saying I would’ve loved to attend. But Spring’s coming, which means getting out and about will be less of a hassle. So count me in for the next session of Congress!

  4. Gina writes:

    Sayoko has one hot outfit! I want it for myself! 🙂

  5. Davecat writes:

    You might have to fight her for it. Which is something I’d pay good money to see. 😉

  6. Miss Hyde writes:

    Gina – I agree with you!

  7. Gina writes:

    I am so there! 😉

  8. zszsz writes:

    the face on the redhead’s kinda’ sickly… the ‘buttocks’ are quite faux-healthy though…

    all’s faux-fine with the other ‘girl’…

    my useless opinion is done.

  9. Davecat writes:

    zszszszszszszszszszsz –
    I dunno; to me, one of the Lisa-type’s more unique facial qualities are the slight bags under her eyes. (Example pic probably NSFW). Imperfection invading my artifice? Nay not so!! But Lisa’s distinctive eyes make her look a little tired, a little sleepy. Maybe she’d been up past her bedtime last night, and is paying the price for it by looking a wee bit knackered. It can happen to Synthetiks too, apparently.

    But yeah, she’s definitely got a lovely arse. 🙂

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