Plastic really does make it possible

typed for your pleasure on 20 May 2007, at 1.42 am

Sdtrk: ‘Fluorescent grey’ by Deerhunter

Not having paid any previous attention to the Japanese Doll company make pure, as their models hold no appeal for me, I was pleasantly surprised when I learned of their brand-new Synthetik companion, Deep ~L~. Very pleasantly surprised. Wow.

N.B.: not actually enrolled in classes

Babelfish comes to the rescue (or as Babelfish itself would say, ‘Babelfish comes for the rescue’) with this translation of the newspost that tipped me off to Deep ~L~:

Adult doll Deep~L~. compact with the height 130cm, having got big breasts, and complete & figure and atmosphere, too the homepage of make pure. It drank and the page joined. 「The maximum feature is a groin part. The device that not is before though it is a hall type is given. 」 To our regret, the details are being controlled voluntarily.

‘It drank and the page joined’. Noted!
Granted, make pure’s new lass is flat-out luscious, no question, but there’s something familiar about her appearance. I couldn’t put my finger on it, until I visited 4chan’s Sexy beautiful women sub-board, and it hit me like a ton of silicone bricks after seeing a certain thread — they’ve gone and made half-Filipino half-French model and unstoppable sexbomb Leah Dizon. A grand choice!

Left, Leah; right, Deep ~L~

You can now have your very own Leah Dizon. This, then, is proof that we are truly living in the Golden Age! One wonders if she’s aware of this, though. If not, you’d be well advised to get your orders in for the Dolls as soon as they announce it before she activates her lawyers

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  1. SafeTinspector writes:

    “The maximum feature is a groin part. The device that not is before though it is a hall type is given.”
    MAXIMUM GROIN FEATURE! Wait, the earlier versions were hall-type groins. I prefer foyer groins, but each to their own.

    Also, I think you have your rights and lefts mixed up.


  2. SafeTinspector writes:

    Which reminds me, not too long ago I was googling and translated some Chinese text that came back as the mind-boggling, “Work Related Anal Fatigue”.
    I WISH I could remember where that was….I think I’m a current sufferer.

  3. Mahtek writes:

    Obviously Ms Dizon passed out drunk and someone made a lifecast. By yours now before the lawyers shut ’em down! Quite tempting she is, but I’m leaning tword MPD. But that’s a rather “weighty” decision by comparison.

  4. Davecat writes:

    Mahtek –
    O, I dunno; why not have the best of both worlds — a MyPartyDoll and a Deep ~L~? A MPD is awfully sexy, but yeah, they are heavy. Moving her around would truly be a workout, never mind having it off with her…

    ‘Work Related Anal Fatigue’.
    That joke… really just writes itself, doesn’t it?

  5. SafeTinspector writes:

    Yeah, but there’s got to be more than just the punchline to make a joke.

  6. MarLynn writes:


    What is the difference between half-type groins. and foyer groins?

    I found you via youtube by the way. This sparked my interest with a very strange fascination.

    I’m now an agalmatophiliac.

  7. Davecat writes:

    MarLynn –
    Actually, foyer-type groins were more popular in the Sixties and Seventies, when people were more sexually promiscuous, and enjoyed the company of multiple partners. The more the merrier!

    Wow, an agalmatophiliac? There’s no need to be so formal! You can always say ‘iDollator’, as it rolls off the tongue that much easier. 🙂
    If you’ve any questions or anything, just let me know. Sidore-chan and I say Welcome to the Silicone Fold!

  8. MarLynn writes:


    Thank you for the terminology of “iDollator.” I have not heard that very clever term before and yet I thought you were the creator of it.

    Perhaps that would not apply to me because I do not conduct sexual performances on these Dolls because I am female. On the most part it is for visual and mental stimulation- a feed to sexual curiousity outside the boundaries of what is considered “normal”.

    My best regards for you and Sidore-chan :o)

    And thank you for the welcome, it is greatly appreciated.

    Have a gracious day.

  9. Davecat writes:

    O no no, you don’t have to want to make sexy time love explosion (as Borat would say) with a Doll in order to be an iDollator; you just have to have a healthy appreciation for Synthetik humans, which is what you seem to have. So you’re safe. 🙂
    They’re such intriguing creatures anyway, that it’s hard not to be fascinated by them…

    Have an equally fab day!

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