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Sdtrk: ‘Village dance’ by Matt Berry

When I’d first seen the following photo scrolling through Shi-chan’s tumblr dashboard earlier this month, I thought it was one of those trompe-l’œil-style paintings; meaning, I thought the woman was staring at a very hyperrealistically painted work that appeared to be three-dimensional, but actually wasn’t.

As it turns out, that’s actually a 1/1 scale diorama installation by artist Roxy Paine entitled ‘Control room’, made last year.

With the project ‘Apparatus’ which contains the ‘Control Room’, Roxy Paine introduces a new chapter in his work, a series of large scale dioramas. Inspired by spaces and environments designed to be activated via human interaction, the dioramas present spaces and objects which are hand carved from birch and maple wood and formed from steel. Encased and frozen in time, void of human presence, they’re making their inherent function obsolete. The ‘Control Room’ is a stunning installation made out of wood, steel, automotive paint and glass worth visiting.
taken from this site

It almost looks CG

Not only do I enjoy and sometimes prefer replicas of various things (the Devil you say!), I also dig generic-looking control rooms such as this — rooms that either wouldn’t be out of place on the site of a massive industrial facility, or as part of Mission Control, so ‘Control room’ speaks to me on a couple of levels. This piece is part of a new series Roxy is working on called ‘Apparatus’; the other diorama he’s made would be ‘Carcass’, which would be another hand-carved replica of the area behind the counter of a fast food restaurant. The scale it encompasses is equally impressive, but… it’s just not ‘Control room’.

With this post, it’s high time that I’ve made a new category for ‘Shouting etc etc’: from now on, you’ll be able to find posts dealing with art under the subheading ‘Was ist Kunst?‘ It’s not as if I speak about art a tremendous amount, but categorisation is always helpful, as you know.
Now I have to go back and add that category to a mess of previous posts

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