Yes, ubernyms

typed for your pleasure on 3 February 2007, at 5.57 pm

Sdtrk: ‘Waterman’ by Hearts of soul

Casual readers of this blogue might well drop in and wonder what the living hell I’m crapping on about, having been assaulted with a new and unfamiliar lexicon of ‘Sidore’ this and ‘Gynoid’ that, and the like. Enter… Ubernyms. Thanks to having seen them in action over on the Duck, I’m totally abusing them. Merely hover that so-called mouse pointer of yours over a word with dashed lines beneath it, and check out the brief explanation that pops up! Short of distilling ‘Shouting etc etc’ into liquid form and injecting it straight into your frontal lobes, what could be simpler? Besides, doing that is unfortunately more time-consuming and less cost-effective than it sounds. But it sure is fun.

Kudos to Huddled Masses, for doing coding work that I’d never in a million years be arsed to do myself!
More ubernyms to follow shortly, of course

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3 have spoken to “Yes, ubernyms”

  1. zszsz writes:

    did i not suggest just this – particularly for your various links . . .

    once a bridesmaid . . . always on the cuttings edge . . . ow, damn it!


  2. Davecat writes:

    zszszszszszszszszszs –
    You suggested this before? Really? I honestly don’t recall… well, there you go. 🙂

    As you know, ‘Shouting etc etc’ is, like, 85% of the time, a shadowed vale of veiled references and flailing obscurity — I’m not saying it needs to be more populist, but more than a sum total of ten or less people genuinely understanding what I’m on about at least half of the time is a pretty good goal…

  3. jaems writes:

    This has been a blog for specialists for certain. I think over time we can mainstream your message(s). Just like I’m doing with my doll videos (sans dolls).

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