O, deer

typed for your pleasure on 12 October 2004, at 2.56 am

Far be it from me to do the Penda’s Diner thing, where I post a news article and fire off a couple ov one-liners about it, but this story has to be seen to be believed..

You can fit a single deer in the Range Rover’s spacious
front cargo hold

Deer’s 25-mile bumper road trip

A deer survived a 25-mile ride in the bumper of a car after it was hit by a motorist travelling to work. The muntjac deer remained unnoticed by the driver who thought he had hit a stone and continued on his way.

Only when he reached Sainsbury’s distribution centre in Borehamwood, Hertfordshire, did his colleagues point out the animal was stuck in his Rover.

Vets examined the deer but found no injuries apart from cuts and bruises and released it back into the wild.

‘Superficial cuts’

Fire and RSPCA officers were called to the car park to free the deer before it was taken to the Royal Veterinary College (RVC) in Potters Bar.

Virginia Fisher, from the RVC, said: “She did not need emergency care, she was very, very lucky, I don’t know how she managed to survive.

“One horn was bleeding as a result of a graze and she had superficial cuts and bruises, that’s all.”

A spokeswoman for Hertfordshire Fire and Rescue Service said the driver of the Rover did not want to be interviewed, but is thought to have hit the deer in Amersham, Buckinghamshire, last Wednesday morning.

“He thought he’d driven over a stone and didn’t think anything of it, it was only when he got to work some colleagues pointed it out,” she said.

The RSPCA told BBC News Online a very similar accident involving a muntjac deer and a Rover car happened in Essex two years ago.

The deer also survived in that case as well.

Kevin Jones, communications manager at MG Rover, said: “We work hard to protect the driver and spend time on pedestrian safety. We are delighted that we can help save deer as well.”

What the hell kind ov mental patient are you where you strike an object as large as a baby deer, and merely think to yourself, ‘O, that was probably just a rock’?? Driving along, listening to his Cd ov ‘The Best of the Moody Blues’ BA-WHUMP ‘A bit too much gravel on the tarmac this morning, eh? It’s a good job I’m driving a Range Rover™’. Jesus, some people.

On the other hand, that deer’s gonna be telling that story to her grandbucks and granddoes for years

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3 have spoken to “O, deer”

  1. Penda writes:

    See – that wasn’t so hard.

    What kind of wind resistence must you have with a BABY DEER in your front grille. “Gee,I’m not getting the proper mileage, I’d better check the oi- Oh My God!”


    Range Rover – “We are delighted that you can get your road kill home as fresh as the moment you ran it over.”

    I’m waitng for the story where some Range Rover driver ends up with an entire field trip full of children in his grille.

  2. Davecat writes:

    It’d be like a Kids in the Hall sketch; the lodged-in-the-grille schoolkids would somehow go unnoticed by pretty much everyone for about a week (apart from a few people who would be too polite to say anything), when the driver would have to take his Range Rover in to the shop cos the front ov the car seems a little ‘heavy’. Whereupon the shop mechanic would observe the mass ov writhing, panicky students — some still clutching pencils and bookbags — pull out a couple ov the fatter students, and replace them with some kindergartners. And the Range Rover owner drives away, satisfied.

    *audience laughs, applauds, cue music by Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet, go to commercial*

  3. Penda writes:

    We’ve missed our calling.

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