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typed for your pleasure on 27 September 2006, at 2.57 pm

Sdtrk: ‘City girl’ by Kevin Shields

Found this on the Bay of e. Hmm. Hmmm.

Does this make me horny, baby? Well, yes and no

Austin Powers Fembot Movie Prop Dummy Original COA!

You are looking at a movie prop original.
The Fembot of Vanessa Kensington from the motion picture, Austin Powers 2, “The Spy Who Shagged Me”. This silicon puppet weighs approximately 30lbs and is the original that was used in the movie. All silicon skin with a fiberglass plastic shell interior for the face. Face is wired with lights inside the eyes and mouth area. Works with a 9 volt battery. Punched hair. Also, there are holes where the nipples would be. This is where the special FX dept rigged gun barrels to pop out and shoot blanks. This prop does not include gun barrels or any equipment used on that effect. But it would be a simple task to rig fake ones as seen in the shot. This prop has been packed and stored since it’s debut and is in mint condition. Originally cost over $20,000 to make.

The starting bid is $3050.00, which makes her cheaper than a RealDoll, but she lacks articulation — at least, the seller doesn’t mention any — and doesn’t even exist below the waist. And I’m sorry; you can’t tell me that legs are just for show. Plus, the holes where her nipples should be is rather disturbing, but I’m sure that problem could be rectified. Or you could kit her out like the Korova Milkbar’s milk-dispensing statues from ‘Clockwork orange’, if you were so inclined. Which.. might also be disturbing.
Nevertheless! Having my very own Fembot prop would be something truly Magickal

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4 have spoken to “‘Oh, beHAVE!’ etc”

  1. SafeTinspector writes:

    At thirty pounds the silicone layer must be quite thin. I wonder at its durability.
    What is the diameter of the nipple cavities? There could be a far more literal interpretation of the phrase “titty f@*k” in the offing.

  2. Davecat writes:

    Yeah; as far as silicone durability, we’re talking about something that’ll only be used for a sum total of like a couple of days, not like a couple of years. Still, quite nice..

    And as for those horrible holes in her bOObs? See for yourself! (NSFW, duh)
    Kinda makes her look hollow, like a chocolate bunny.

  3. MontiLee writes:

    Once, a long time ago, a someone I was seeing received envelope at Easter from his mother with some cash and a note that said “here’s some money for your chocolate bunny”, at which point he asked me, ‘so my little chocolate bunny – what would you like to do.”

    Goofy and romantic – I sure can pick them.

    And then he turned out to be an asshole.

    Because I sure can pick them

    Old photo that you dig at the Diner, because this post remined me of it.

  4. Davecat writes:

    Gynoid Monti = UNPARALLELED WIN

    And I have to say, that was a charming line, despite whatever tosser delivered it..

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