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Sdtrk: ‘Black ships ate the sky’ by Current 93

Winkin’ blinkin’ Lincoln.. linkin’:

+ Tokyoflash has got some rather innovative watches that you’d have to sell a baby to purchase. Not that I’m opposed to selling babies, but where would I acquire one? You may recall me blathering about the Morse code one they had for sale, but one of their recent watches caught and held my eye (ew):

Eye Test by EleeNo

Have you ever had an eye test that looks like this watch? In Japan when you take your drivers test, or an eye exam, this is what you see. You are suppose to say, TOP, BOTTOM, LEFT, RIGHT as the circle gets smaller and smaller. Well now, you too can test your eyes every day, while wearing your new Eye Test, by EleeNo.

The minutes are shown by the center ring, and the floating dot indicates the time. Different but not too different, and easy to tell the time.

Quite fab, but I’ll only pay the $70 they want for this timepiece if I can shout ‘BIG O! SHOWTIME!!‘ into it, and have a large Megadeus appear when I do so

+ When the living hell is Panzer elite Action due out? I would really like to Sturmgeschutz IV my way through life, and ‘2006’ is not specific enough of an answer.
And speaking of hysterical historical fighting, the domestic release of Samurai warriors 2 has been pushed back to September. Why do you do this to me? Why do you hate freedom? However, I’ve learned that another game I’m salivating over, Okami, is due out that month as well. Which is nice, cos for a while there, a few of my mates and I thought it would never actually come out in the States..
It’s kinda fortunate that they have September dates, as my recent purchases of The Nightmare before Christmas, Otogi 2 and Burnout: Revenge are all jockeying for my full attention right now

+ Using fantastical laser-based technology, the people at Ikemen offer 3D mask/wall-relief things of various Japanese idols – the first one in the series is Yuko Ogura. Wouldn’t it be something to cover an entire wall with those?

Yeah, it would be something, alright..

+ Y’know what I despise doing? Double-dipping for DVDs. A&E/Carlton have finally released The Prisoner series in a thinpack, which also includes a whole passel of extras; there’s a new two-disk R2 edition of Quadrophenia in August; and the rumour mill has it that there’s supposed to be a new edition of A clockwork orange with Malcolm McDowell’s commentary baked right in, as well as an R1 version of The Super Inframan that comes with the extremely lysergic English dub, both due out sometime this year. Yes, I already have these fillums, but the shiny new extras compel me to buy the feckers again. Gah. So, who wants to buy my copies of Quadrophenia, A clockwork orange, The Super Inframan and that oversized Prisoner boxset? has informed me that my *coughmorallyspuriouscough* copy of Ultraman vol.1 is on its way. At least I didn’t double-dip for that (not counting that VHS tape that came out in the Nineties)..

+ Tell me, friend; is your very existence plagued with despicable Thetans that you wish to exorcise, yet you’re not overflowing with sums of money to donate to L.Ron Hubbard’s noble cause? Friend, your troubles are over, as now, thanks to this site, you can build your own E-meter, and audit yourself! Due to copyright restrictions, the DiY-er behind this has called it a ‘C-meter’, but it provides the same results, at a fraction of a fraction of the price!
Don’t live your life paying for Xenu’s sins! Build yourself a C-meter TODAY!

+ July finds the always-lovely Penda being published again, in issue no.36 of a publication called Black Petals. Yes, again! Where will it end with her?? I cannot say

+ Finally, I bring you: Kitty Pistol.

bang bang, mew mew

Thank you WAKAchan, for teaching us how to laugh again

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  1. Ryan writes:

    Fuck. I already bought one watch from tokyoflash that I totally can’t wear and now you make me want to buy another one.

    Also, i totally dig your blog even though I don’t understand it at all.

  2. Davecat writes:

    ‘i totally dig your blog even though I don’t understand it at all.’
    I get that a lot. 🙂
    Well, I would if more people actually commented.

  3. PBShelley writes:

    OK. How about “Some I get and some I don’t but I read it all (eventually), and dig it? 😀

    Someitmes (a lot) I am in a Blue Funk and don’t feel like I’m saying something important enough to reflect on your fine efforts, so there is that…

    Also, I am a bit er, um… “disassociated” with musics from the ’80’s onward (oddly enough from about the time MTV went Rap LOL)

    Actually, now that I think about it, I am disassociated from most things Mainstream Cultural since then as well! Perhaps it’s because I viewed that era as proving that the End must be nigh and oh what’s the use LOL

    Still it does give me lots of good sounds to get into when I reach my dotage 😛

    (see? see?)
    oh and Lily & Eden as well, my two Cultural Connections with all things aberrant and Mainstream Abhorrent (and GOOD! Mwu- ha hahahahaaaa!!!)

  4. SafeTinspector writes:

    Kitty pistol is awesome, but I’d almost consider it more of a kitty-Uzi.

    Congrats to the Penda!

    Cool on the watch, although it is 100% just a decorative accoutrement. I can’t imagine telling anyone with a straight face that I think its a good timepiece and that’s what I value about it.
    ‘Course, most humans I talk to don’t have straight faces, I mean they just saw SafeTinspector!

  5. Davecat writes:

    Hey PBS et al –
    Well, as long as I know people are reading, it’s Good. But to paraphrase someone I’d read elsewhere, bloggers are driven by feedback and comments — they let us know that people are reading, and that our product isn’t just slipping in and out of their minds like so much mercury. It’s like, I write for myself and hope that other people enjoy it, but if I strictly wrote for myself alone, there would be no ‘Shouting etc etc’, y’know?

    And HAY! Pet shop boys aren’t all that bad! Well, I liked their first two albums, at any rate..

    Well, to be honest, that kitty pistol seems more like a kitty Beretta M93R, as the front legs fold down for better burst control.
    One wonders if it spits out crunchy cat food?

    And that watch is more really for looking flash while you’re on the pull at your favourite club more than anything else, but I like it, despite my preferences for digital timepieces..

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