Wind her up, watch her go

typed for your pleasure on 9 September 2004, at 1.54 am

Wow, Monti’s writing in bulk. Nice!

So there’s the tinkling and while I know damn well Doug has heard it, he makes like he’s in a coma. I know that ploy. I invented that ploy, and dammit he’s good at it. I get up to investigate, and Zeus meets me at the bedroom door. This is a bad sign. This means that Zeus has come to tattle. Zeus cannot jump to places higher than the couch due to a childhood injury (his childhood, not mine) and he has come to tell me that Loki has done something he cannot do, and he resents it so much, he’s going to get Loki in trouble. He practically runs to the window to show me – “see, see what he did. I would never do that, I’m the good one.” Sure enough, Loki has managed to push out the screen, causing it to sit askew in the jamb and letting every bug within a four-block radius into the apartment.

In the future, when she finally becomes the internationally-famous screenwriter that she’s been working on being for the past decade or so, I only hope that she remembers that I catsat for her on a few occasions, so that when I visit her palatial estates, she’ll be less likely to sic armed robotic guard dogs on me. Well, not all ov them, at any rate.
Go visit her Backroom, if you haven’t already. LEAVE AT ONCE!!

Interesting Anecdote™: A couple ov Saturdays ago, Monti & I were hanging around outside ov her apartment, after an interesting / amusing afternoon spent at a Japanese cultural festival. It was evening at that point, and Zeus was outside, wandering around, as is his wont. Now since you’ve never met Zeus before, I will describe him. He is a charming cat who says ‘meh meh’ instead ov ‘miaow’, studied two years ov law at Cambridge, and has markings that make him resemble a scale-model milk cow. (As seen here with his sparring partner Loki.) Anyway, as we were busy nattering on about whatever, a party broke up at the apartment complex next door, and the patrons were stumbling their way down the street. One ov them caught sight ov Zeus ambling across the road and remarked, ‘Dude, look — it’s, like, a mini-cow!’ O, how we chuckled

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