Good press! Well, better than recently. Arguably

typed for your pleasure on 31 May 2006, at 3.26 pm

Sdtrk: ‘The Smith can’ by Medusa cyclone

So I was peering at ‘Shouting etc etc’s stats yesterday, and noted a metric ton of rolloff from the Missus’ site. ‘Gods, what disparaging tossers have linked to us now?’ thought I. It wasn’t until just a couple of moments ago that I discovered that they were sent via a post on Fleshbot, so that’s alright, then. (They’ve got a brief article on my YouTube page as well.) I then mopped my brow.

Hi, visitors! Pull up a seat! Or remain standing, if that’s what you’re into

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2 have spoken to “Good press! Well, better than recently. Arguably”

  1. PBShelley writes:

    Welll! That was interesting! A whole paragraph without being slagged off :-O It almost seemed… complimentary!

    The times, they are indeed a-changin’. Or something.

    But for your youTube article, while enthusiastic was um… well, it described it as “gorgeously creeptacular”???

    Hm, isn’t that like, a wash? LOL
    A good wash, though 😉

    Still, yes, I’ll have a seat, thank you 😀

    PBS & friends

  2. Davecat writes:

    Yeah; despite the fact that they used the ‘c’ word, it was still a decent write-up — at least they prefaced it with ‘gorgeously’. Hrm.. They almost cancel each other out!

    Violet Blue’s post was the better one — she wrote the one on Shi-chan, so there’s that. So the final score is: a good wash. 🙂

    And yeah, have a seat! The Missus and I already know who you three are! 😉

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