What price Pervery??

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By Don Mackay

KINKY Robert Garnett boiled to death after snorting a potentially lethal dose of cocaine and putting on a rubber suit, an inquest heard yesterday.

His body temperature soared, causing his brain to swell as he wore a fetishist-style gimp outfit seen in the film Pulp Fiction.

The 35-year-old McDonald’s burger bar manager – a separated dad of one – was found in his bedroom after relatives had reported him missing.

Medical experts said Mr Garnett, of Lambeth, South London. had hyperthermia leading to a build-up of brain fluid.

Pathologist Dr Peter Jerreat told the hearing at Southwark: “The rubber clothing caused excessive overheating.

“The toxicology reports revealed a potentially fatal level of cocaine.

“The contributory factor to his death was the presence of cocaine.”

Verdict: Accident.

*eyes PVC trousers suspiciously*
Obviously you have to be careful with that sort of thing. Whenever I’d wear my pair of PVC jeans for longer than half an hour, at the end of the day I’d take them off, and I’d feel like I’d been swimming.

Poor Robert Garnett. He died the way he lived — hopped up on coke, and marinating in his own juices while wearing latex gear

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  1. SafeTinspector writes:

    Which is why I urinate at frequent intervals when wearing my own latex.

  2. Wanda writes:

    Bwaaaahahahahahahahahahahahahaha..hahah….hah..ha ..a.
    …Ahem. Uh, I wuz gunna say sumptin pro found, but eye fergot whut it wuz.

    Catman, yew hev de funniest shit on yo site! Me like it. Me luv yoo!

  3. Davecat writes:

    Don’t forget to rehydrate often! Try sitting in a tub filled with your favourite flavour of Gatorade.

    Wanda –
    When facing possible profundity, always take notes! They may prove helpful later on!
    And me luv yü tü! 🙂

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