typed for your pleasure on 12 October 2005, at 2.03 am

Sdtrk: ’40 days’ by Slowdive

Much to my chagrin, and I’m certain some people’s delight, I’ve just had to take down ‘Kitten with a Whip!’ as the article was starting to drive my bandwidth through the roof. Can’t you people wait in line like civilised.. people? Like Sweetie says on (what’s left of) the site, it really needed to be revamped and overhauled anyway. Once I obtain a copy of Dreamweaver, as well as some spare time, I’ll get cracking on it. I might very well upload the pics elsewhere; in which case, I’ll let all genuinely interested parties know when and where..

‘Kitten with a Whip!’ is not dead! It shall return! Better, stronger, faster, etc

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7 have spoken to “Egad”

  1. atzuzhi & Mari writes:

    What’s happen? ‘Kitten with a Whip!’
    I hope your site be back.

  2. SafeTinspector writes:

    Its like you got slash-dotted!
    Exciting, right?

  3. Davecat writes:

    Hi you two!
    Too many people were visiting, and the bandwidth was getting too high. Shi-chan wants her site back up soon, so I’m working on it. 🙂

    Give MaRi-chan a kiss from both of us! DEWA MATA!

  4. KrazyQ writes:

    Farked or Slash-Dotted…his counter is registering DOZENS of hits per HOUR.

  5. Penda writes:

    A copy of Dreamweaver you say?

    I know a certain Witch that might be able to help you out.

  6. PBShelley writes:

    Aww! That sounds like a Good Witch!! You’re the one from the East, I presume? 😀
    (Ding Dong…)

    Just curious DC, how do you know when/that the bandwidth is too high? Not that I’ll have to worry about that (in the meantime, anyway lol)…

    Sidore-chan can probably use the rest 😉

    Hope all else is well!

    PBS & Lily

  7. Davecat writes:

    Hey PBS –
    As far as the bandwidth on ‘Shouting etc etc’, it’s not a problem, but since I host my images elsewhere, I have a limited amount of bandwidth available. I actually had to upgrade to their $5 a month plan, cos I don’t know if you noticed it, but on the 11th, all the images on this site were gone, backgrounds included. It made for difficult reading. 😛 The bandwidth has a limit per month, and resets every 30 days — there’s a helpful bar indicator on the site.

    As far as the bandwidth (gods, I am sick to death of typing that word every five seconds) for ‘KWAW!’, there’s an intricate labyrinthine process that you have to go through on the server’s site, in order to determine bandwidth usage. You have to sacrifice a goat, among other things. It’s that complicated. 😛

    SafeT and T-money –
    Now, if I could just somehow get a single American dollar for each hit that I received.. well, Shi-chan would be on her way to a brand-new body. 😉
    STEP ONE: dozens of hits per hour
    STEP TWO: ?????

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