GodDAMNIT, Geoshitties, can’t you do anything right??

typed for your pleasure on 24 July 2004, at 9.35 pm

Someone please remind me what Geoshitties is good for, apart from open mockery. I copied & saved the pics for the ‘Crash babies’ silkscreen & the Punitive Guillottina figure, and uploaded them onto one ov my Yahoo/Geoshitties File managers, so I could host the pics there, instead ov sapping bandwidth from the baby art & Merlin Enterprises sites. I upload the files, and they appear to work soundly. Then, when I go to edit the pertaining posts, redirecting the pic links to my File manager, do the pics appear on my Blog? Hell no. And I don’t want to dump them onto kuroneko-chan.com, as it’s kind ov a waste ov space.

Fucking Yahoo/Geoshitties wankers. ‘By and large, our sites are crap, and our service is laughable, if not non-existent.’ Unfortunately, looks like I’m back to bandwidth sapping for now, until I can find a cheap (read: Free) picture hosting space specifically for small .gif & .jpgs like that. Anyone have any ideas?

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  1. Patrick writes:

    Well, they *are* free 😉 If you have your own domain, why not host them there? After all, the space used and bandwidth is pretty negligable for pictures.

  2. MontiLee writes:

    Geoshitties Free does not allow for remote hosting, the very reason I got off my ass and signed up with Blogomania. They say it sucks up bandwidth for every cutsie sig icon and if people want to be able to do that sort of thing, they should pay for it.

    So there.

  3. Davecat writes:

    Ehh, I would host the pics on kuroneko-chan.com, but I really don’t want to waste the space, as petty as that sounds..

    On Sunday though, I did a bit ov research into free image host space, and bookmarked a couple ov sites, so I expect sometime this week, when I look over their pros & cons, I’ll sign out for one. C’est la vie..

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