Egad, how embarrassing

typed for your pleasure on 22 June 2005, at 3.58 pm

Sdtrk: something from the Space channel 5 part 2 ‘Non-stop remix’ Cd, playing in my head

I’m currently typing this post from my campus lab, where I’m in between homework assignments. I’ve just checked ‘Shouting etc etc’ from the lab computers, which are all equipped with Micro$quish Internet Exploder, and I am appalled at how utterly fucked this site looks with that browser. About a fifth of the way into the ‘You’ve got questions, we’ve got.. I dunno’ post, the text arbitrarily increases about a size and a half. Lovely.

Do yourself a favour; get Firefox. It’s possibly the best browser out there, the add-on extension capability it has is sexy, and most importantly, it doesn’t make this site look like it was written and composed by a complete troglodyte.

More later, perhaps possibly maybe

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  1. SafeTinspector writes:

    I had a similar finding on mine. For some reason, for the longest time, all my sidebar content was shunted WAA-AAY down under the last post. IE crap.
    Veach helped me fix it, but it was annoying that i had to jump through hoops just to make the page look right under IE.

  2. Patrick writes:

    Yea, I had that same problem when viewing D-Cat’s blog at work (with the sidebar and the content aligning strangely) for awhile. It seems to be fixed now.

    I love Firefox though. It’s all I use at home. The tab system makes me giddy.

  3. SafeTinspector writes:

    FireFox love:
    I love the FoxyTunes media player control gadget.
    I love the zoom gadget.
    I love the Noia Extreme theme.
    I love the tabbed browsing.
    I love the bookmark management.

    I have administratively disabled IE on the computers in my eBay store. No employee can even launch that hateful block of swiss cheese.

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