What happens in the spaces between buildings?

typed for your pleasure on 12 May 2005, at 2.47 am

Sdtrk: ‘Radio drill time’ by Josef K

Gods, this whole ‘leaving one’s house’ and ‘going outside’ thing.. what can I say? It’s crazy! I’d say it’ll end up being a passing fad, though; I really don’t think it’ll catch on.

EARLIER: Ran around with Wolfgang, Mike and Gina in various and sundry parts of downtown Detriot from 10am to 1pm, taking more photographs of structures. This time, we spent most of our time in the Joe Louis Arena parking structure, which was pretty fecking ace. It was a pretty good example of Eighties concrete architecture that was aspiring towards something greater, and largely failing. Well, it worked back then. Very Logan’s Run-ish, which of course, greatly appeals to me. I didn’t bring Clicky Mk II, but Wolfgang and Mike both had their cameras on hand, so I’m sure they’ll post summat about it on their Rotors blog soon enough..

LATER: Attended my first session for my transcription technology class this afternoon, which really doesn’t seem like it’s gonna be all that difficult, all told. It’s an eight-week course, and we meet for five of those weeks, non-sequentially. It’s more of a lab-based/independent study kinda thing, apparently. ‘Students will learn and develop competencies in transcription, proofreading, and editing skills as they relate to using technology to communicate information and increase productivity,’ sez the syllabus. Basically, it’s Spelling, Grammar and Punctuation cross-bred with Typing and Transcribing. Should be a doddle, really. But then, I say that now..

And Tomas just rang me an hour ago, from the midst of BFE, Nebraska. He was kinda freaking out, due to a sudden lightning / hailstorm slightly before the halfway marker of his voyage. ‘Hailstones the size of marbles!’ he exclaimed. ‘Fuck!!’

See? I told you! Going outside is waaay overrated

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  1. Penda writes:

    I’m more astonished he got a signal in NE.

  2. Davecat writes:

    I still refuse to believe that people actually live in Nebraska. I always looked upon it as a ‘commuter state’; people work there, but they actually live in other states. States that have indoor plumbing.

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