This was the Future, Vol.39

typed for your pleasure on 1 August 2009, at 4.35 pm

Sdtrk: ‘Benway’s carnival’ by Abecedarians

Draycott Place, Chelsea, London. I think this is a fine, 20th Century Modern place for a person to live; what do you think?

A corner terrace house built in the late Sixties, featuring four floors, five bedrooms, two reception rooms, two bathrooms, a roof terrace, and a separate garage. And it’s for saaaalllle.

Interested? Check out its listing on The Modern House Estate Agents. Should you buy it however, you have to let Sidore and I stop round to visit once a month, as a sort of a finder’s fee. Also, you have to let us choose appropriate Modernist decor. It only stands to reason, y’know

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