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typed for your pleasure on 18 July 2008, at 12.15 am

Sdtrk: ‘Lovecats’ by the Cure

8年! であるために一緒に8年私達を信じることができるか。実際には、私はできる。実際に、私が互いに適するカップルの想像できないので。最近、私は私のオンライン友人の1人にこの事実を述べ、それらは、’答えた; ワウは、それ私の友人の関係が最もあったより長い!’ 実際に意外な結果に終わるか? 私達は決して主要な不一致を持っていたあらないことは、非常に支え常に、適切な人形の夫があるべきであると私は親切、有用鑑賞的いままで常にだった。


私は”愛する, 黒猫 しどれ、今そして永久に。 私の生命の一部分があることに、および誕生日おめでとうにそんなに感謝しなさい。

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  1. PBShelley writes:

    Babelfish does not babble willingly, so I will hazard a guess that it is your and Sidore-chan’s 6-or-8 year anniversary, or her birthday, or perhaps even yours!

    Forgive me, I don’t have the time nor the patience to force the fishies of Babel to surrender their secrets.

    Hm… on second thought that last sentence looks like it was something coughed up by the very tool of which I speak!

    Anyway, Lily and I do determine that congratulations are in order and tender them herewith! We and Eden and Pennie-cat send hugs and mugs of your favorite celebratory beverages so that you feel all warm and toasty 🙂

    Unless it’s too godawful hot in which case cool, calm and collected will do better!

    PBS & etcs

  2. SafeTinspector writes:

    Lovecats! Did you ever hear Paul Anka’s version of that song?

    As for your secret message, I don’t think I purchased the right breakfast cereal as none of my decoder rings is working for me.

  3. Davecat writes:

    PBS (and ladies) (and kitty) –
    I can only imagine how Babelfish has, err… reconstructed… those paragraphs! I’m sure the Dadaists would be proud. 🙂

    Yes; the above is a special post for Sweetie, regarding our eighth anniversary today! It’s too volcanic today, plus, I have to go to work, so we’ll be celebrating in extant this Sunday. It’s like ‘Washington’s birthday’, and ‘Washington’s birthday (Observed)’.

    Ta very much from both of us for the well-wishes, and the beverages! Mmm, beverages. 🙂

    I’ve heard Paul Anka’s cover in passing. It amuses me!

    You’ll find that decoder ring in specially-marked boxes of Synthetik-Os, available at your local grocer’s. It’s 50% silicon, 50% silicone!

  4. Laura writes:

    Gah! It only shows up as squares!
    Congrats to you both 🙂

  5. Davecat writes:

    If you see squares, that means the Level 2 Ultra-Super-Secret encryption is working successfully. Thanks, guinea pig! 😉

    Actually, it’s all in Japanese. If you’re really hot on seeing all those moonspeak characters, you’ll have to download a Japanese font, load it into your hardened drive, and do some tweaking with the character settings on your browser. Do you feel like jumping through those particular hoops, Bear-chan?

  6. Laura writes:

    Seeing as to I won’t be able to read it once all that’s done, I think I’m just going to go back to toturing the Rebel Allience for information.
    -Darth Laura

  7. Laura writes:

    *That would be torturing…..

  8. Davecat writes:


  9. Mahtek writes:

    Eighth Anniversary?! Congratulations to both of you!

    As you know, Phoebe and I just celebrated our fourth Anny. Pennie’s second will be in a month! 😀

    Actually, there are a whole bunch of Idollators celebrating anniversaries lately. I guess June was set aside for organic unions, and July for synthetics.

  10. Davecat writes:

    We’ve already said so, but Shi-chan and I wish you and your lovely Phoebe a warm Congratulations! As good as that probably was, we’re sure your fifth will be even better!

    ‘I guess June was set aside for organic unions, and July for synthetics.’
    Sounds like a tradition waiting to happen to me. 🙂

  11. MontiLee writes:

    I am late to the party, but I wish you a happy anniversary!

    Systran actually manages a decent translation. It was very nice.

  12. Davecat writes:

    All told, we really should be thanking you. Remember, you were our matchmaker, after a fashion. 🙂

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